cutaway studios

My Brother Andy

Greg Hatton

This is the story of Andrew Chan, an Australian citizen who was caught transporting heroin into Australia from Indonesia.

He is currently on death row in Kerobokan prison.

This short documentary was directed by Greg Hatton and edited by Nash Edgerton, with music and sound by Nic Alexander from Cutaway Studios.

"Nic Alexander and the team from Cutaway Studios are without doubt, up there with the best in the business. I had the pleasure of working with Nic on a number of projects. When I needed sound and music for my documentary, Nic was my first choice. His creative instincts, technical skill and passion made the job of audio post production a dream.

His haunting score and sound design created a world that was so much more powerful for the viewer than I could of imagined. (Greg Hatton, My Brother Andy Director)